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"Internet + power" how long way to go?

Zhu Jun test the water "Internet +", focus on where power?

Zhang Yingwei: deepening the power to change the monopoly of steady growth to pr

Author: Guizhou as the first batch of the national power system reform comprehensive pilot, seize the opportunity to focus on the industry outstanding contradictions, in accordance with the "break the monopoly, the introduction of competition," the instit

Wang Binghua: power out of order to do not make money, earn shouting project can

The first financial reporter from the national electricity investment in the June 27 held in Zhuhai, Guangdong, the international development work conference was informed that the state power investment first chairman Wang Binghua talked about the company

Coal - fired power plant lift green revolution ultra - low emissions to help the

In order to avoid haze again in the autumn and winter season, China's coal-fired power generation industry is accelerating the "green revolution."