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India solar electricity price slump in renewable energy industry seriously

author:XiangGuo Group time:2017-06-20
Agence france-presse reported that India's solar electricity prices recently fell to the bottom, but for high power demand of India is not necessarily a good thing, because electricity prices tumbled hurt investor confidence, not only more hurt the country's efforts to promote renewable energy policy.

Indian officials held fixed solar electric power bidding meeting, let each big power company bids, the last five months in bidding meeting 2.44 rupees (less than 4 cents) per kilowatt-hour of low prices, a record low.

Solar electricity prices plunged, fully is 1/5 of the price 10 years ago, India's energy minister prem Goyal (Piyush Goyal) has alleged that low price is a necessary process of "green energy" in the future.Indeed, that price is already cheaper than coal-fired power plants produce electricity, and coal is the electric power production.

Experts say, too fierce competition of electric power company, make solar electricity prices tumbled, may harm to the development of the industry.

In addition, because of a drop in solar module manufacturing costs, companies reduce the price competition, coupled with excess supply parts of India power that makes the market more chaos, the government and the enterprise began to demand that solar power company are the latest sale power.

Renewable energy advisory agencies Bridge to India at rostov ji (wrestling Rustagi) said: "the solar energy reduction is too big, too fast, it's not good for the overall production industry."

The Indian government plans to produce 100 billion watts in 2022 (MW) solar power, but so far only produce 12.5 billion watts.

Solar industry Amplus Solar founder ms Aggarwal (Sanjeev Aggarwal), said in India's Solar electricity prices to a record low the next day, many customers asked him to do.He said: "every company is trying to grab market, but no one can really will be pressure to such a low price."
India is the world's fastest economic growth country, much needed enough power to support the economic development.After out of Paris in the United States, in fact, climate deal, reiterated India will continue to develop renewable energy plan determination.