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Electrical engineering and the northeast pioneered new era class H combined cycl

author:XiangGuo Group time:2017-05-17
On April 24, by the general contracting of Harbin electric group, northeast electric power design institute of China power engineering consulting group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "northeast courtyard") design of Pakistan will kay 1.18 million kw gas turbine combined cycle power plant 1 through 168 hours of one-time reliability running at full capacity, it marks the first Asia grade 9 h gas - steam combined cycle project 2 units all into commercial operation.
From the early stage of the planning and site selection, to undertake will kay project 2 sets 9 H class sets the body of the design work, the northeast courtyard pioneer in spirit, keep improving the concept, the standard design of a high standard, to make class H combined cycle unit power plant benchmarking contribution wisdom and strength.
    Run, for the first time in Asia H class gas turbine combined cycle unit
    Time on April 24, 22, Pakistan will kay project commissioning unit 1 through 168 hours.
    With the field engineering and technical personnel of cheers and applause, will kay engineering become Asia's first real class H, which is engaged in commercial run gas - steam combined cycle power plant.
    "Kay will successfully put into operation of the project, as Chinese companies in overseas creates the first volume of the largest and the most efficient class H combined cycle power plant project. As the main body design institute of the project, the northeast academy class H combined cycle unit design domain undoubtedly standing on the peak of the world!"Northeast international branch general manager li said.
    At will with kay project 2 H class gas turbine units of 168 in commissioning, normal, smooth operation, various parameters of bearing vibration, tile performance indexes reach the standard good temperature and other parameters.According to the theoretical calculation values, the combined cycle power     generation efficiency could reach 61.59%, much higher than other forms of thermal power units and other types of combined cycle units, high efficient heavy-duty gas turbine power plant in the future is of epoch-making significance for the construction and operation.
    "Northeast institute used in combined cycle unit and heat pipe technology advantages, bold in will kay project optimization design, make overall layout more compact, reduce the resistance of pipeline system, reduced the thermal loss, with a powerful 9 h class gas turbine, the overall efficiency of combined cycle unit get great improvement."The hospital project manager Wang Hang said.
    In will be involved in the project design, east court according to the practical situation, a lot of design optimization.For example, to reduce the main steam pipe and hot steam pipe dosage of high temperature alloy steel pipe, such as optimization of gas turbine spacing, increase the combustion engine room     maintenance space, reducing the length of high temperature alloy steel pipe;Gas turbine generator room and combustion engine room is set apart, high combustion engine room decorate, gas turbine generator room decorate low.Gas turbine generator room is not set driving, use side rotor way;Turbine room     using lateral line of the condenser, steam turbine low arrangement, low pressure cylinder side, effectively reduce the main plant height;Using island type turbine room decorate, set up independent pipe for the bypass pipe bearing.Through the cooperation with GE, to meet the side line of condenser pipe layout, operation, maintenance and maintenance, variable column space structure, length compression turbine room.
    Through a lot of fruitful work, northeast from design to construction of the project provides a strong support, realize the high efficiency of the entire unit operation, ensure the smooth implementation of the project.
The joint design pour to build power plants benchmarking
    H class gas turbine is the highest temperature at the beginning of the highest in the world, power, and the most efficient gas turbine.
    Will project using the latest American GE company kay 9 h grade CCGT into the market.With previous E, F class gas turbine design is different, the northeast courtyard facing is the relative lack of information, the national standard design, many overseas equipment manufacturers such as communication difficulties, these have brought unprecedented challenges to the design work.
    The engineering project manager assistant LuYang said: "9 h gas turbine power plant is a new research and development of new type gas turbine, gas turbine aircraft design input, scope, interface and ever all have very big difference, unable to draw lessons from past project information and experience, design institute, equipment manufacturers, to some extent is feeling the stones across the river, collaborative level."To this end, the northeast courtyard pioneering realized with gas turbine manufacturers GE company, alstom turbine manufacturer in unity on the PDMS design platform of collaborative 3 d design, and regularly exchange model, implements the comprehensive data interaction.In the northeast courtyard matrix design in the hall, the total package party ha electric group, project owner, the owner engineer, the main equipment suppliers of GE, rafer alston and construction, commissioning unit were gathered together to carry out the centralized design, design repeated deliberation, encounter problems in a timely manner.This greatly improves the design efficiency, reduce the contact with time, will influence each other to minimize the design content.
    Wang Hang, the project manager said: "from the position of auxiliary equipment, pipeline layout to all equipment repair, maintenance, northeast courtyard with GE company, alstom, a full range of data interaction makes the whole power plant design is more reasonable."In addition, the northeast courtyard faces all the challenges of American standard.In the main building of steel structure design, the hospital according to the regulations of the U.S. standards, according to the process requirements of main factory building structure layout unique innovative design, the steel structure through the roof truss, the longitudinal frame, two fixed end frame to form stable space frame system, fully meet the needs of equipment operation.In foundation design, the hospital USES the STAAD Pro - structure analysis software for underground foundation part of steel structure workshop overall refinement modeling and finite element analysis, at the same time, based on the standard to carry on the reasonable simplification and assumption of the model, detailed and accurate analysis results, for the configuration of pile, pile caps, and base the calculation of short column provides accurate and reliable data basis.
    Through a series of measures, the northeast school implements the superego technology upgrading, to make H grade CCGT power plants provide a solid guarantee benchmarking.