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One week inventory 丨 to do real flood control and protection power supply

author:乐腾科技 time:2017-04-29

    Into sin, the five major power generation group attaches great importance to the flood control and electrical work.Last week, the grassroots power generators to keep high pressure situation, not to eliminate hidden dangers, to fully implement the flood prevention plan, ensure that flood season power reliability.To learn more about flood control and protect the electric information, please see this power channel inventory a week!

    Crow creek power plant requirements of "five" to construct flood control and safety net
    At present, the grim situation of flood prevention work, in order to ensure the safety of flood control, guard against all emergencies, crow creek power plant to strengthen leadership organization, strengthen flood prevention work responsibility, solid foundation to carry out the concerned security checks,     emphasize on the main point of flood prevention, strengthen information communication, fully prepared to fighting and emergency operations, and construction of the flood control and network safety.
    Liujiaxia hydropower flood prevention work by its flood control and inspection group for sure

    On May 8, state grid corporation of flood control and inspection group in flood control work of its Chinese gansu liujiaxia hydropower station, references to listen to the report, the field view, giving full affirmation to the plant flood prevention work.The factory says, will be in accordance with the     requirements stated in the inspection group for flood control and rectification work, strengthen flood prevention duty, strengthen the flood season tour intensive care equipment, ensure the safety of flood control.
    Harmony power plant for a rainy day Horn sounded for flood control and
In southern frequent rain is strong, strong convective weather, etc, for the 2017 flood control work earnestly, harmony power plant according to the early deployment, early arrangements, and to carry out the principle, to plan ahead and implement the responsibilities for and standardize the flood control     personnel at all levels, ensure the safety of the plant equipment, the facility flood control, fought the battle of flood control.
    Liancheng power generation with "four strengthening" old-age flood prevention work

    In order to do a good job of flood in 2017, to ensure the safety of flood control and reliable power supply, liancheng power companies make flood prevention plans and the actual flood prevention work overall scheme: to improve the ideological understanding, strengthen organization and leadership;Clear task, strengthen implementation of responsibility;To strengthen the safety awareness and improve the level of emergency;Strengthen coordinated, smooth information channels, to do real flood prevention work.
    God hair electric deployment of flood prevention work Maintain the stable production
    On 9 May, a monthly meeting in god hair electricity company fully deployed on this year's flood control work.At the same time, the company also issued the notice on to do a good job of flood control in 2017, fully launched this year's flood control work, to ensure the safety of the summer production steady.
    Louboutin leather plants: flood control added security
    In 2017, before the arrival of the rainy season, louboutin leather plant 10 sets of wireless warning broadcast system, at the end of the installation of the related upstream and downstream plants FangXunBan can through the radio management platform release flood warning information, timely to 2017 flood season added a safe.In use of this platform, in addition to used for flood warning, when necessary, can also be used for village information release, bringing great village management on both sides.
    Double river power plant concerned and consolidate the ramming foundation of flood control
    On May 7, the double river power station in DaXun ahead, organize employee for reservoirs, DAMS, sewerage, sends out the lines and other equipment and facilities, engaged in a consolidation, the cure of Armageddon, for the safety of flood control and flood season ManFa hair to lay a solid foundation.