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Can build China gezhouba group reporting in the first quarter of production and

author:XiangGuo Group time:2017-05-17

April 26, Gezhouba Group held a quarter of 2017 production and operation briefing. China can build the Standing Committee of the party committee, deputy general manager and general manager of Gezhouba Group Nie Kai Gezhouba Group, the units firmly committed to the development of confidence, strict implementation of the company's new regulations, unite and lead cadres and workers for the end of June to achieve "more than half of the time to complete the task more than half" To ensure that the 2019 annual production and operation objectives of the successful completion of efforts.

    The meeting conveyed the spirit of China's construction and operation in the first quarter of 2017, and informed the production and operation of Gezhouba Group in the first quarter. In the first quarter, Gezhouba Group signed the market, realized profits, operating income over the same period last year to achieve a substantial increase in sustained and healthy and rapid development trend, safety and environmental protection work smoothly. The meeting from the full grab the market, efforts to improve operating income and profits, steady progress to promote investment business, strengthen financial management, pay close attention to safety in production, adhere to the legitimate compliance business six aspects of the deployment.

    Nie Kai in the speech from the market development, project management, the newly formed company development, capital management, tailor project completion of the clean-up, prohibit financing trade, the implementation of the new regulations and other seven aspects of the next phase of the work made the deployment.

    On the market development, Nie Kai asked the units to establish a sound procedure, a clear power distribution and responsibility to trace the mechanism; strict intermediary before the agreement review, strengthen the information tracking and primary. To strengthen the high-end project learning, sort out ideas, timely adjustment, improvement, innovation management ideas and methods; to deal with the relationship between the right and responsibility; to control the contractor in accordance with the contract, the contractor to carry out the performance evaluation; We must deeply understand the new problems brought by the change of role, enhance the ability of general contracting, adhere to the contract as the basis, do the responsibility, stresses integrity, heavy contract owners.

    On the new formation of the company's development, Nie Kai pointed out that the new formation of the company is Gezhouba Group transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment of the important carrier. Seven new companies are currently working well. The next step, the units to seize the opportunity to speed up the development, to seize the day and night, I do not want to accelerate the pace of development; Green Park and equipment industry companies to speed up the environmental protection industrial park, equipment, industrial park construction and admission project landing; Investment management and water management companies to focus on operating operations, strengthen capacity-building, in the specialization, information technology, intensive, standardized. The company is a well-known investment company with strong management structure, strict management behavior and strong investment ability. Make a difference. The new establishment of the company to strengthen the construction of qualified personnel, lay the foundation for management, improve the quality of capacity, improve the management system.

    On the "two gold" pressure drop, Nie Kai pointed out that the units to spend great efforts to refine the "two gold" control measures to ensure that the total controllable, improve the quality of capital operations; on the stock has been formed, to implement the responsibility to People, and gradually one by one to clean up; to speed up the recovery of various types of security; to make full use of financial and financial means to drop the accounts receivable.

    On the end of the clean-up, Nie Kai pointed out that the units should be the end of the project clean-up into the management of the two units of the headquarters, to develop plans to ensure timely settlement; to perform the approved task, approved time, authorized personnel, approved costs "four" ; To complete the one year has not yet settled items, to be cleaned and closed, focusing on inspection, assessment; to strengthen the tail organization and management, tailoring management agencies, clear responsibility, signed a responsibility system.
Nie Kai affirmed the relevant units in the first quarter results. He pointed out that the realization of the "half of the time more than half of the target" target, the key implementation, the units to effectively implement the spirit of the meeting, the slogan into action, the action into efficiency, and strive to complete the task.